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The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

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Deb Milligan MAPHP (Acc.)

Experienced therapist skilled in a wide range of techniques, enabling a highly personalised approach for each individual, whatever your fear, problem or anxiety.
Regain control of your life by understanding how unhelpful thoughts and behaviours can be changed for the better, but most importantly, how to actually feel differently about things that have had a negative hold on you.
Fully-qualified and insured member of gold-standard accredited professional bodies.


Tel: 07584840142


Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire


All aspects of anxiety, from social anxiety to workplace or exam-induced stress; PTSD and trauma resolution; Pain management and reduction. Relationship issues, (professional or personal); fears & phobias; self-esteem & self-confidence issues

Testimonials from Clients

"I was impressed with how quickly Deb understood the problems I was having and how quickly she worked out how to resolve them. She helped me with a number of debilitating issues so I am now able to get back to a normal life, and it feels fantastic!

I found Deb incredibly easy to talk to and I felt she really listened to me. She introduced me to new techniques and methods that helped me re-programme my reactions to certain situations and regain control of my emotions."


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