The qualification letters you will see after each practitioner's name indicates their standing in the Association. 'LAPHP' (Licentiate) is the level at which most new members join the organisation. Their level of competence is high and they will deal effectively with most difficulties, including stress and anxiety, exam fears, self-confidence issues, habits, smoking cessation, etc.

'MAPHP' (Member) indicates that the member is more experienced and is therefore qualified to deal with most problems and 'MAPHP (Acc.)' (Accredited Member) shows that the therapist has had a minimum of five years in practice as a therapist.

'FAPHP' (Fellow) is reserved for those individuals at the top of the profession, who are able to work in a variety of ways and with the highest level of skill and expertise.

'DAPHP' (Diplomate) is awarded only to those therapists who have shown a huge committment to their profession over many years. These are the 'creme de la creme'.

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