APHP Board

The Chairman and/or advisory committee may appoint new members from time to time as and when deemed necessary to continue the smooth running of the Association. The current board of management currently consists of:


Terence Watts

Membership Secretary & administrator:
Wendy Pilkington FAPHP
Phone: 01702 347691 Email: aphp@aphp.net  

Financial Management:
Julie Watts (contact via admin)

Public Relations: Paul Fowler (contact via admin)

Ethics Officer:
 June Hale FAPHP Email: june@lyonessetherapies.co.uk

Complaints and Discipline: Peter Moule DAPHP Email: peter@petermoule.com

Advisory Committee (USA):

Ethics (USA): David Uri Email Davideuri@yahoo.co.uk
Ron Stubbs FAPHP - USA Chief Representative
Roy Hunter FAPHP
Wm. C. Breuer FAPHP

The above members all have abundant clinical experience and are capable of providing competent advice/help to other members. Their contact details can be found in the relevant section of the Practitioners listings.


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United Kingdom
Telephone: 01702 347691

or email: admin@aphp.net

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APHP is Internationally accepted as maintaining the highest of ethical standards.

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