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  All of the therapists who are listed have provided full  details of their training and shown a high level of  comptence.
  Our members must agree to abide by a strict code of ethics and carry full professional indemnity insurance specifically for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling.
Are committed to Continuing Professional Development which is subject to annual review.

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Covid19 Advice:
In addition to the advice being widely disseminated across all media, we recommend that you work online via Skype or similar, provided it is safe to do so with the style of therapy employed. It is recommended that investigative therapies such as hypnoanalysis and regression to cause, or similar, should not be conducted in an online setting.
It is recommended that where you have clients in that type of therapy, you switch to a process less likely to result in abreaction.
As far as is possible, adhere to the guidelines issued by the UK Government as they change in conjunction with the easing of the 'lockdown'.

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APHP members are encouraged to regularly publish articles providing insight into how hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help with difficulties

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An outline of the phenomenon that is BWRT®
Published 06-07-2019 by Terence Watts DAPHP APHP(Sup)Acc.

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An article about one of man's psychological enemiies!
Published 06-07-2019 by Terence Watts DAPHP APHP(Sup)Acc.

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