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Sheena A'violet LAPHP

So often, through no fault of our own, our fears and lack of confidence are the main contributing factors in not achieving our goals and becoming the person we are truly meant to be. I believe in the power of the human mind, and peoples capacity for positive change and growth. I am a fully trained Clinical Hypnotherapist with Psychotherapy and Hypnoanalyst, trained with KICH. I can help you overcome fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, weight problems, smoking cessation and a practitioner of Slim Via Hypnosis and Old Pain 2Go. Why not give me a call for a confidential informal chat to discuss your needs.

Duncan Adams LAPHP

I am experienced friendly therapist, who shows empathy and is non-judgmental. I will work with you to help you achieve the desired change to your life. Specialising in weight loss, anxiety, stress, smoking cessation, past life regression, phobias, exam nerves, post traumatic stress disorder and business confidence. Based in Solihull but also works from Moseley in Birmingham and Coventry, plus home visits and Skype are available.

Julie Alexander MAPHP (Acc.) APHP(Sup)

I am an experienced hypnotherapist, BWRT® practitioner and wellness consultant based in the USA. Sessions are conducted online via Skype and my clients are located all over the globe. If you are looking for assistance and would prefer to work online, then please get in touch.

Alan Artt MAPHP (Acc.)

I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 2005 and have worked with clients in the UK and abroad. The practice offers Clinical Hypnotherapy Reiki, and BWRT®. As a JustLetGo client you will receive the best and most suitable treatment based on our Free initial consultation. I take an eclectic approach to therapy and may offer you a combination of therapies for certain conditions where I have found them to be more effective than a single therapy alone. This approach has been found to be beneficial for many of my IBS clients. Confidentiality is assured as is my professional attitude to you as a client. I view every client as a unique human being, and in doing so everything I do is tailored to your individual needs.

Jade Assowe LAPHP

Hello, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and BWRT Practitioner working near to Central Milton Keynes. After a free initial consultation I will tailor make each therapy session so it is specifically designed to meet each individuals needs and wishes with the option of incorporating Sound Healing if desired and suited to the client.

Kim Barden LAPHP

I am a fully insured and certified BWRT® Practitioner and Hypnotherapist based in Guildford, Surrey. I enjoy helping people to overcome anxiety related issues, weight loss, sugar addiction, quitting smoking and quitting smoking.

Lisa-Marie Bearman LAPHP

I work full time from my home practice but I also offer a mobile service within the Medway area. As well as running a busy practice I work for the KICH school of hypnotherapy and have been busy doing this role for the last 3 yrs. I specialise in, and not limited to, Hypnoanalysis , weight loss, relationship difficulties, Quit smoking, depression and working with children.

Bob Bees MAPHP (Acc.)

Advanced Brainworking Practitioner and BWRT® Master Coach. Consultant Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist specialising in Advanced 5-PATH techniques and teaching 7th path self-hypnosis. I use a variety of techniques, which include Brainworking®, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Mindfulness, to assist people to make the necessary permanent changes in their lives. The effects of these techniques can be heightened by combining them with hypnosis and psychotherapy. All my work is strictly confidential and 'client centred'. Online Zoom sessions available if preferred. Please contact me or go to to book a free 15 minute consultation.

Giulio Bianco LAPHP

Giulio Bianco: Advanced Certified master Hypnologist in New York. Specializations: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Regression specialist, advanced Ericksonian clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Churchillian Hypnologist, Advanced Master Canfieldial Hypnotherapist, specialized in Gestalt therapy, neuro plasticity, psychobiology and dreamwork.

Elizabeth Biddlecombe LAPHP

Qualified, insured hypnotherapist/coach in East and North East London. Non-judgemental, avoid making assumptions, LGBT-friendly. I have a calm, relaxing voice. We’ll talk a little about your goals and then I’ll show you breathing, relaxation, visualisation techniques and mind exercises you can do to rewire your subconscious, reprogramme your beliefs, behave and feel differently. I use clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive-behavioural and coaching techniques and I provide support in-between the sessions to help you build your new habits.

Karen Britter LAPHP

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Psychotherapy. Clinical means I am trained to work with you as a therapeutic practitioner rather than a stage Hypnotist. Hypnotherapy means I can work with you in a therapeutic way while you are under Hypnosis. And the Psychotherapy part pulls it all together by combining some cognitive (out of trance) work. So, Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy works with both the conscious and sub-conscious parts of your brain. With Therapy I am able to help you to re-programme your brain to work how you want it to, not the other way around.

Kay Broderick LAPHP

Welcome to Focus Therapy. My name is Kay Broderick and I am a fully qualified, approachable and professional therapist, based in Shenfield, Essex. I give individual sessions that are designed for each of my clients needs. I specialise in Clinical hypnotherapy, and use it together with different psychotherapy techniques, meaning that we are able to consciously and subconsciously change out-of-date unhelpful habits, and, those false beliefs about yourself that have been holding you back in life. My role is to empower you, give you confidence, and educate you to realise that you are in control of everything you would like to be.

Matthew Brown LAPHP

Hi, I know change can be difficult and being here you have started making steps towards positive change. I'm a Hypnotherapist with intrigue and empathy. Based in Medway I'm here to help you make positive change.

Tanya Brown LAPHP

I work with women who are facing challenges such as infertility, PMT, menopause, etc. or emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, stuckness etc..  I work using a fusion of coaching - therapy - homeopathy/energy - and most importantly re-awakening the innate feminine wisdom held within. My intention is for women to grow exponentially through their healing, feeling more connected and engaged with life.

Amanda Brundrett MAPHP (Acc.)

Amanda has qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique from The Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis, where she is now a teaching assistant (

Olessya Burgess MAPHP (Acc.) APHP(Sup)

Medical trained doctor, Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, Adv. BWRT Practitioner and Supervisor

Allison Bush MAPHP (Acc.)

I'm Allison Bush I have been doing this for 8 years nearly now and enjoy helping everyone.

Em Carter LAPHP

Hello, I am a clinical hypnotherapist who also uses techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, psychotherapeutic approaches, Solution Focused Therapy and counselling to help with a wide range of issues. I am passionate about my work and love working together with my clients in achieving their goals.

Sian Caswell LAPHP

Working with young people and adults to find direction and support at turning points in their lives has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis are valuable tools to engage with the subconscious and release all those skills and talents which lie dormant relating to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, thus engaging with the whole person. I have used them to release my creativity and healing and I would like to help you find yours.

Natalie Cohen LAPHP

Clients come to me for many reasons. Whether you want to get over a heart break, relationship problems, sexual problems, a loss of a loved one, low self-esteem, low confidence, all kinds of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fears, phobias, anger, jealousy, unwanted habits, smoking, weight loss, binge eating, binge drinking, procrastination, lack of motivation, exam nerves, performance enhancement to name just a few. No problem is big enough that it cannot be tackled or small enough to seem insignificant. So get in touch with me today and we can talk about how is it I can help you. I offer a FREE initial 30 minute consultation either face to face, via skype, facetime or telephone.

Trevor Collins LAPHP

At Mindset, as a Psychological Therapist I'm here to focus on You. If you or someone close to you is struggling with any of life's more challenging psychological conditions, whether it's to overcome Anxiety or Stress, Depression, Addictions, Obsessional Compulsive, Fears or Phobias, Low Self Esteem or Self Confidence Issues, to Stop Smoking, Eating/Weight Control or to ultimately gain control of Unwanted Thinking, Functioning or Behavioural based problems, then I can assure you hope and a solution is in sight. I offer fully certified, professional Hypnotherapy and Advanced BrainWorking Recursive Therapy BWRT®, from my clinical practice based in Runfold (beside Farnham & Aldershot). Please feel free to contact me.

Louise Cousin LAPHP

Fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & BWRT Practitioner who will welcome you into a caring and supportive environment. I am extremely passionate about the therapy I provide and will always tailor each treatment to your specific needs.

Alex Coxall LAPHP

Holding a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP, with a background in customer service and care, I am committed to my work and to my clients, and will tailor your therapy to your needs. You can come and see me on Sunday’s, in my therapy room at Gymbo’s Gym in Meldreth, near Royston, Hertfordshire or I can arrange the use of an alternative venue or do home visits the rest of the week. If you have specific requirements, please get in touch to discuss your options. To make an appointment please call or email me. I also run weekly public relaxation sessions, on a pay as you go basis, please contact me for further details.

Jodine Downham LAPHP

Hello and welcome to iHypnosis Therapy Essex - based in Basildon. Essex My name is Jodine Downham. DHP. I am a fully qualified professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Hypnoanalyst in the Basildon, Essex area. My passion is to enable my clients to have a positive mindset, so they can live the best possible life that they desire and deserve. I support and provide my clients with the appropriate type of therapy tailored to their needs to make the changes they want to make. I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist as I have always been passionate about helping others. I previously worked for the NHS as a health care assistant.

Neil Drew MAPHP (Acc.)

I have over 20,000 hours of therapy experience and specialise in freeing people of all types of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and stress.

John Drinkwater LAPHP

Addictions; Trauma/PTSD: Phobias; Anxiety/stress; Self Confidence; Depression; Performance Enhancement. I have over 20 years experience in working with substance misuse and the trauma often underpinning it. I have been working with people in crisis for over 35 years

Mai Elsayed LAPHP

Mai Elsayed is a clinical hypnotherapist with psychotherapy and counselling skills. She launched Bitter-Sweet, a blog on which she explores the different aspects of life.

Fiona Fear MAPHP

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET = CHANGE YOUR LIFE The power of our mind and a positive mindset should never be underestimated. If it is working in a positive way, our mind can be our greatest asset. Yet if it is working in a negative way, it can be our greatest saboteur - and so often this is beneath our conscious awareness and causes/contributes to the issues and difficulties we may be struggling with. So many of the things in your life which maybe causing you a problem can be alleviated or improved with a change of mind set. I always work in a client-centered manner, which means that therapy will always be tailor made to suit that individual client.

Claire Gaskin MAPHP

Hello, I'm Claire, a clinical hypnotherapist and advanced practitioner of BWRT®. I've been helping people to become the best version of themselves for more than 20 years and work with most mind-related matters, including fears, phobias and all kinds of anxiety. Before setting up in private practice I trained and mentored teams of children's social workers. Nowadays, I help people of all ages at my private clinic in London (The Harley Street Anxiety Clinic) and at the Therapy Life Centre, in Southend, and also online worldwide via Skype and Facetime. In between helping clients I write a weekly newspaper column, where I offer advice to readers’ problems. Initial consultations are free and all enquiries welcome.

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