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Types of client:

Adults (18-65 Years)
I, am Sandie M'Crystal, a qualified Hypnotherapist, living and working in beautiful rural East Ayrshire. I as many people have faced traumas and challenges through my life. Thanks to hypnosis I have overcome these challenges and have looked at them as opportunities to grow. I would love to help you.

I, am Sandie M'Crystal, a qualified Hypnotherapist, living and working in beautiful rural East Ayrshire.

Before becoming a registered hypnotherapist, I worked in the corporate world, predominantly in finance where I held various senior management positions. I was a busy single mum, with a responsible role in a busy company. My passion for hypnotherapy arose as a result of my own traumatic life events.  I did not have time for "normal" talking therapies which can necessitate long-term commitment, hence I chose this powerful therapy.

Hypnosis works in *six (6) sessions which suited my life style and circumstances. I could not afford the luxury of talking therapies, nor did I want to take drugs to alleviate the symptoms. I found a wonderful therapist who provided the space for me to resolve the  traumas and to heal them. Yes, there were tears, but there was also laughter. My world changed and this impacted positively on both my family and my social circle.   This worked 20 years ago and it continues to work, not only for me, but millions of people around the world.

I have always been passionate about helping, uplifting and empowering people, through education.  However, I have found that most people don't know who they truly are, their true essence. People rely on others to "find" themselves, but with hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can find yourself and your can tap into your true potential, instead of trying to fulfil  the preconceived ideas of others.  

I studied with Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, which is accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Register and  The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

I can help with:

Weight loss
Self esteem
Low self confidence
Exam stress
Eating problems
Drug issues
Driving anxiety

Other Therapies:

Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression (PLR), Life Coaching, Hypnotic Gastric Band, Counselling, Business Coaching

Record checks and disclosures:

I have been DBS checked and cleared