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Fees and Availability

From $300 a Session

I offer a 25% discount for:
1. Full-time students
2. Totally disabled clients
3. Senior citizens who are retired


Initial Consultations

  • I offer a free discovery call

Spoken Languages

  • English


Types of client:

Adults (18-65 Years)
I was trained and certified in hypnotherapy in 1983 by Charles Tebbetts. Prior to his passing, he asked me to continue his work, teaching client-centered hypnotherapy and parts therapy. My books are used by numerous hypnosis schools around the world,

Roy Hunter teaches hypnotherapy professionals domestically and abroad. Originally trained by Charles Tebbetts in 1983, Roy's hypnosis texts come highly praised, and are required reading in many hypnosis schools around the world. The text on hypnotic regression therapy that he co-authored with Bruce Eimer (a licensed clinical psychologist) has received outstanding reviews. It is The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy: A Clinical Guide (2012, Crown House Publishing). His latest book is The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, co-authored by 25 respected hypnosis professionals from around the world. Roy is the recipient of numerous awards, including lifetime achievement awards from three different organizations. He is also a Life Diplomate of both the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP).

I can help with:

Weight loss
Quit smoking
Public speaking
Pain management
Low self confidence
Fear Of Heights
Exam stress
Eating problems
Driving anxiety

Additional Information

I also facilitate spiritual hypnosis upon request: working within your belief system to enable you to access Divine wisdom. Also, I am a caregiver for my bedridden wife, so I only come to my office for scheduled appointments.

Other Therapies:

Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression (PLR), Parts Therapy

Other Areas

I am a caregiver for my bedridden wife, so I only come to my office for scheduled appointments.

Training, Qualifications and Experience

I have practiced since 1983, and taught a full professional hypnotherapy course from 1987-2012. I still teach workshops and give presentations upon request, both in-person and by Zoom.