Paul Gibson

R.Hyp, Dip Hyp CS, O.A. Dip(Psychology) LAPHP LNRPC

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Types of client:

Young People (11-18 Years) Mature Adults (65+ Years) Adults (18-65 Years)
Qualified in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, I use a variety of understandings, theories and techniques to ensure my clients not only have insight into their problem but also ways to manage or remove it.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I take my work with peoples mental, emotional, psychological and physical problems very seriously. I have a dynamic and adaptable style rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. My versatile approach means I don't have to explore the past for the problem, we can simply focus on how you are now and how you want to be. Of course, if exploration is needed, then that's what we will do!

I've trained with the best in the UK and America and use modern advanced techniques to help people like you overcome blocks in their life, physical trauma from accidents, mental trauma, weight loss, anxiety and so much more.

I'm a specialist in the treatment of clients with childhood issues such as trauma from physical, mental and sexual abuse. Some of the symptoms from this type of trauma include anxiety, weight problems, lack of self-esteem and relationship difficulties. I have great success in this area and it is a pleasure to watch lives transform and people find their inner strength.

Having helped literally hundreds of people lose weight I've noticed a running theme that the connection between the mind and stomach is either lost or habitual behaviours/survival mechanisms prevent achieving a healthy relationship with food. The results my clients achieve and the comments are incredible as they deal with negative behaviours, cravings, mind reprogramming and so much more!

I am proud to say that I also practice the EMDR technique. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic method that now receives worldwide recognition, particularly in the field of, but not limited to trauma. It uses eye movements and other stimuli to facilitate rapid processing of traumatic memories.

I am also committed to showing people that they don't have to suffer from anxiety. Anxiety and anxiety based disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder all come from your unique life experiences that haven't been fully released.

Hypnosis is a wonderfully effective tool to get straight to the reason you're having a difficult time and change this to a more positive outcome using an array of techniques available to me. I also have a skillset of other methodologies such as Thought Field Tapping and Havening that can be called upon if and when needed.

I'm deeply committed to getting my clients living the life they want to lead.

People come to see me for relief of many other problems as well so if you don't see what you're looking for then please get in touch, I'll tell you if I'm in a position to help or refer you to someone more appropriate.

I will give you and your issue the respect it deserves. I take great pride in the speed at which I work and helping you to resolve your issues so you can get on with your new life and new set of beliefs!

Call me for an informal discussion of how we can begin to help you.

I can help with:

Weight loss
Sports performance
Sexual dysfunction
Quit smoking
Public speaking
Pain management
Needle phobia
Low self confidence
Exam stress
Eating problems
Drug issues
Driving anxiety
Chronic Fatigue
Body Dysmorphia

Other Therapies:

OldPain2Go, Hypnotic Gastric Band, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT)