Mark Goodhew

DHP, Adv BWRT, Faster EFT, MAPHP(acc)

In person | Online

Fees and Availability

From £30 to £90 a Session

Free telephone call

Initial Consultation face to face 1 hour £30

First 2 hour session £90

Subsequent sessions charged at £60 per hour

Initial Consultations

  • I offer a free discovery call


Types of client:

Young People (11-18 Years) Couples Adults (18-65 Years)
Most of your problems are as a result of your automatic emotional responses to life events. Finding where your problems originated from is not a solution. Changing those emotional responses is. I can help you do just that, quickly and efficiently

Everyone who is passionate about what they do has an underlying motivation for their chosen profession, hobby or interests.

In my case, this driving force came as a result of my own desire to find a solution to my own mental and emotional health problems, which had been an issue that I had kept hidden since my teenage years.  I eventually realised that I needed to understand the workings of the mind in order to get better and so my study of the human psyche began in 2008. I subsequently became a professional therapist having developed a passion for the study of human behaviour, and a desire to help others. I understand what it is like to feel hopeless and lost.  I also understand the processes involved in how to change.  Perhaps I can help you do that.

I specialise in anxiety disorders, PTSD, and repeated relationship problems. I can and do work with all other emotional responses. Like a mechanic, I can help you change your responses

I can help with:

Sports performance
Self esteem
Public speaking
Needle phobia
Low self confidence
Fear Of Heights
Exam stress
Driving anxiety
Body Dysmorphia

Other Therapies:

Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Business Coaching, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT)

Training, Qualifications and Experience

Hypnotherapist trained by Terence Watts of EICH

Faster EFT trained by Robert Smith

BWRT Advanced practitioner trained by Terence Watts

Kinetic Shift Practitioner trained by Karl Smith

The Model-How everything works-Mark Goodhew