Julie Spitler-Wood

DHP. MAPHP (Acc) MIBWRT (A.P.) TFT-Alg S.A.C.Dip (Grief and Bereavement Counselling)

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Fees and Availability

From £40.00 to £795.00 a Session

Mini Stress Buster Mind Massage (Online only) 45 minutes      £40.

This is a feel good, confidence booster, which allows the client to experience hypnotherapy, or to use as an occasional  booster.  It is not intended as a replacement for therapy.


Pet Owner Grief      2 hours   £145.

A blend of hypnosis and grief counselling to help with the guilt, regret, trauma, and anxiety that can occur after the death of a pet.


Improve Your Sport’s Performance      1 hour 30 minutes    Starting from £85 for adults or £70 for Under 14’s.

Whether it is a gymnast with a mental block, a golfer with the yips, or a footballer with anger issues, help is available for all sorts of sporting issues. Train your mind like you train your body.

NEW – Virtual Weight Loss Jab           5 hours 30 minutes   £450

The benefits of having the medical weight loss jab – without the horrible side effects. Plus, the medical injection doesn’t address emotional eating or cravings. Hypnosis can. 5 sessions (including one specifically for emotional eating) and support audio.


Hypno-Band Virtual Gastric Band        5.5  hours           £450

Using the power of hypnotherapy, the client feels like they need to eat less, and less often, and notice that they feel full much more quickly.
5 x 1 hour, usually a week apart. It includes an extra session for emotional eating, and support audios.


Weight Management.          Starts from £85 per 1 hour session.

Everyone has different issues surrounding food and their weight, whether it is snacking, binging or portion control.
Saltburn Mind Therapies offers a variety of methods to help you take back control.


Control Your Alcohol            4 hours, 30 minutes.     £295

When alcohol has become a habit that is taking over your life.  4 sessions of therapy, usually across 5 weeks.


Anxiety Clinic        4 hours and 30 minutes      £295

Whether it’s health anxiety, general anxiety disorder, free floating anxiety, or something else, see if the Anxiety Clinic can help.


Stop Smoking or Vaping         1.5 – 2 hours     £185.

If you are committed to stopping, one easy session is all it will take. Does it work?  See the Saltburn Hypnotherapy Facebook page for all the reviews.  (Price for cannabis available on request.)


Gold Standard Package        8 hours         £560

8 hour package that clients use across 12 months, as and when required (appointments are subject to availability).


Platinum Professional Package        12 hours      £795

12 hour package that clients use across 12 months, as and when required (appointments are subject to availability).


Other Therapy     £85 per 1 hour or 1.5 hour session, or £295 for a block of 4 paid in advance.

Under 14’s              £70 per  1 hour or 1.5 hour session.


All sessions are paid by PayPal or Online Banking, in advance.

Initial Consultations

  • I offer a free initial telephone session
  • I offer a free initial online session

Spoken Languages

  • English


Types of client:

Young People Older Adults Children Adults
Hello, and thank you for reading about me. I'm a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, and I opened my first full time practice in Covent Garden, London in 2011. In 2013 I moved back to my native North East and opened a thriving practice in Saltburn by the Sea.

I am an experienced and understanding therapist.

I'm registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which was set up with support from the government to make sure that any therapists that are registered on it are fully trained, insured, data protection compliant, and have ongoing training and supervision.  I also have a Level 2 qualification in safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults.

The type of therapies I use the most are hypnotherapy, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), various types of tapping, grief counselling for pet owners, and performance coaching.

I offer a free initial telephone consultation, which usually takes around 20-30 minutes, so that I can find out more information about what help you need, and you can ask any questions.

Therapy sessions can be face to face in Saltburn, or online - anywhere a WIFI signal is available.

I have been asked to give expert opinion, and been interviewed by many sections of the press, including The Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, Newsweek, talkRadio, BBC Radio Tees, and Zetland FM - as well as featuring on many podcasts and blogs.


Pet Owner Grief  - I help grieving pet parents after the death of their pet, using a blend of hypnotherapy and grief counselling.  Pet owner grief can be very misunderstood, and if it is not addressed compassionately, and in a timely manner, it can lead to massive feelings of guilt and anxiety.  I also work to support veterinary professionals in some of their most challenging times.

Improving Sports Performance. - I have experience in working with sports people at all levels.  I have worked with many, many gymnasts, tumblers and trampolinists who had been suffering from mental blocks. I've also worked with golfers at professional and club level for things such as the Yips, or being able to focus more clearly, or not over thinking their shots.  I have helped professional footballers with anger issues.

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2022 BWRT Global Congress, to share my knowledge and skills with other therapists.  There are lots of comments, photos, videos and reviews on the Facebook pages for Saltburn Hypnotherapy and BWRT North East.

I can help with:

Weight loss
Sports performance
Self esteem
Quit smoking
Public speaking
Pain management
Needle phobia
Low self confidence
Exam stress
Eating problems
Driving anxiety
Chronic Fatigue
Body Dysmorphia

Other Therapies:

Warriors Settlers and Nomads, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Psychotherapy, OldPain2Go, Inner Child Therapy, Hypnotic Gastric Band, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT)

Other Areas

Pet Owner Grief

Quit vaping.

Cooler Menopause (help with hot flushes and night sweats.)

Quit cannabis.

Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Weight loss Injection

Training, Qualifications and Experience

My original training was at The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.  My diplomas were for Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy. I qualified in September 2011.

I am an Advanced BWRT Therapist and trained in 2013. In 2022 I was a guest speaker at the BWRT Global Congress, showing other therapists how I use BWRT to help sports professionals and enthusiasts to overcome mental blocks and improve their performance.

I am trained in Thought Field Therapy, and use various other tapping methods to compliment therapy and coaching.

I have a diploma in Grief Counselling that I gained in May 2020. I took the course specifically to help clients who are grieving for their pets. I blend it with hypnotherapy to make it gentler and more effective.

I’ve completed a Level 2 Safeguarding course for children and vulnerable adults, which is renewed annually.