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  • German
  • English


Types of client:

Not currently taking clients Mature Adults (65+ Years) Adults (18-65 Years)
Semi Retired - Lecturer in USA, Austria, Germany and Israel in the use of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy pertaining to War and Torture Trauma and the use of hypnosis and analytical psychology as an alternative modus operandi for Parkinson's Disease & early stage Alzheimers Disease & Dementia.

Qualified with the HCB and APHP in 1993 and eventually became a Fellow of the APHP.

My foundation training was by Neil French who instilled an excellent solid basis and inspired my excitement, love and interest in this field. As a result of this foundation I have had an extremely successful career internationally and helped many patients who sought my expertise.

Thereafter continued thru  from degree status to 2 x PhDs

I operate offering discretion and confidence. Originally a general practitioner in Harley Street + Hampstead - London and finally in the USA.  

Amongst my general practice, I saw concentration camp and other war and torture victims (civilians and military) which became a regular occurrence. Subsequently developed a therapy tailored for this specialized area of need to help sufferers with said trauma to readjust and regain psychological and psychosocial balance individually and in society at large .

In 1995 I was approached by a specialist alternative medical team from the Highgate Hospital to develop a trial employing hypnosis for assisting Parkinson Disease patients which proved successful.

I continue to consult to a lesser degree, and travel globally to lecture,  train and teach organizations and official medical groups in  assisting with patients and the training of local doctors and therapists - albeit to a lesser degree, as I wish to retire in the near future. For further guidance or questions feel free to email me. 

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Other Therapies:

Psychotherapy, Counselling

Other Areas

Besides German and English please note Israeli as a language.  Although I have specialized, it does not preclude patients requiring general assistance and based on my belief that my training is based on “assistance for all requiring psychological need – discreetly, confidentially and non judgmentally”

Training, Qualifications and Experience

BSc – Psychology

PhD x 2 in Psychology

Fellow – Royal Society of medicine

Fellow – Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

American Board of Clinical Hypnosis 

Fellow – Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. (APHP)

(For experience – see resume)