The way we are: Should we be different?

Written by APHP

May 16, 2024

I’d like to share my view on two kinds of concern that appear to be widespread at the present time. The first is the concern (even mental anguish) that many of us have about the way we are and what we need to do to change and improve ourselves. It seems to me that almost everyone feels that they really ought to be different from the way they are. They may be thinking about whether they should eat differently, maybe exercise more, get more sleep, declutter, drink more water, spend less time on devices, meditate, use crystals, read, study, take courses, use toning or other forms of sound healing, do breathing exercises, take medicines or alternative preparations, filter or restructure their drinking water, spend more time in nature… the list is endless.

On Facebook, such ‘solutions’ are being offered every day as people anonymously express their concerns about their overall well-being. While any or all of these might bring benefits, I consider them to be optional extras. I suggest that the only thing that needs to change right now in regard to our seeming deficiencies is our attitude to them. It’s about forty years since I was told that it was fine to be the way I was, and to stop trying to change myself. I suspect I’m still learning that lesson —perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve ever been given. I actually think that each of us is like a part of a giant jigsaw where every piece is unique, equally valuable and essential— exactly as it is right now. With such a viewpoint, it’s easier to stop being judgemental and to stop trying to change anyone (self or others). We then naturally become more loving and more mindful, and more able to consciously choose joyful experiences. We actually have much more choice in what we experience than is usually realised. And when we are joyful, not only do we benefit and change for the better—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—but those good vibes really do move out and benefit everyone else. Quantum Physics has now proven that everything is just energy which is moved by frequency and vibration.

Each of us really can help to change the world we live in—which brings me to the second concern. Many of us are extremely concerned about the current state of the world and of humanity as a whole. Should we be visualising the Earth as peaceful, productive, abundant, with clean fresh water, pure life-giving air, and with all creatures living in health and harmony? Is it necessary to think about better forms of government, sign petitions, protest, join particular groups or organisations? It certainly seems that the peace on Earth and the inner peace that most of us wish for, is still far off. It might seem that something needs to be done about the growing number of disasters, both man-made and ‘acts of God’.

I’m one of the many people who believe that what is happening right now is part of a natural but extraordinary, evolutionary change—one which is affecting the entire physical world and will result in the most wonderful transformation of both the planet and its people — the ‘Heaven on Earth’ that the majority of us would love to see. In my most recent book I briefly likened this event to childbirth. I know from experience that childbirth can be a calm and natural process with minimum discomfort.

Perhaps the greatest blessing of my life was giving birth quietly, quickly and fairly comfortably to my three biological children, attended by a naturopathic midwife in her ‘home birth’ farmhouse in Buckinghamshire, England. My mother, years earlier, had no idea what was happening when she gave birth to me (her first child). She screamed and lost consciousness and was not expected to survive. Knowing of her experience, and always seeking to avoid physical discomfort, I’d been planning and preparing for an easy, natural birth for some fifteen years. When at last I became pregnant, I attended classes at both the local hospital and privately. I absolutely knew what to do to ease the process. I’d learned to relax completely at will, to breath in certain ways during the different stages of labour, and to smile during contractions (it actually aids relaxation).

I’d even travelled from York to Buckinghamshire for a ‘rehearsal’ with the midwife when six months pregnant, and been thoroughly tested! I actually feel similarly prepared and delighted at the prospects of the current planetary and evolutionary changes. I believe strongly that an optimistic outlook, mindful relaxation, fully ‘feeling’ all emotions, along with general self-care and kindness, will see us through this challenging time, as the old gives way to the new.

In Australia, the aboriginal elders teach the best is yet to come. Those words have been at the back of my mind since I first heard them many years ago. I fully endorse them. Having that mindset allows us to relax and focus on what we are experiencing right now—getting full enjoyment and benefit from each present moment.

My details: I was born in 1935 and seem to have spent a lifetime looking at the big questions. My memoir, JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON, written and self published in 2020, covers much of my story. I taught Music (in schools and privately) for most of my adult life, but have done countless courses in counselling, psychotherapy, alternative healing and other self-improvement and spiritual subjects.

A feature of the last forty-five years has been voluntary community work—running youth clubs, theatre groups (for young and old), putting on concerts and musicals, and generally being heavily involved in the many communities where I’ve lived, both in England (1971-1988) and in my native Australia.

I’m as keen as ever to share my skills and any wisdom that I’ve acquired to benefit others and to bring more joy to people’s lives. I published a second book last year, AN OLD WOMAN’S TAKE ON 2022 AND ALL THAT (subtitled HOW EACH OF US CAN CONTRIBUTE TO WORLD PEACE). I recently reworked it and may soon be publishing the revised edition. In this book I look in detail at the ‘five senses’, along with the extra sensory ways we experience the world, and suggest changes we can easily make to benefit both ourselves and others.

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Published : May 16, 2024