Beyond Alcohol – by Katie Furneaux Hypnotherapy

Written by Katie Furneaux

January 15, 2024

In the realm of personal challenges, excessive alcohol use stands as a significant issue affecting many individuals. Traditional approaches to addressing this include counselling, medication, and support groups.
However, hypnotherapy is emerging as a noteworthy alternative, offering a different lens through which to view and address this coping mechanism.

As a hypnotherapist who uses a combination of tools and techniques, I specialise in supporting people with the very common coping mechanism that is alcohol use. The thing about this particular coping mechanism is that it is so widely accepted in most societies, which can make it tricky for those individuals to move away from alcohol or even notice that their alcohol consumption is causing problems in their life.  

Hypnotherapy aims to support the client in changing subconscious patterns associated with alcohol use. It introduces positive suggestions and healthier coping strategies to support the individual to change their response to triggers.

Often, the reliance on alcohol stems from deeper underlying issues. In sessions, we endeavour to identify and address these root causes, which may include trauma, stress, limiting beliefs or low self-esteem.

The transition away from alcohol reliance is a process. If you think about it, when you stop drinking alcohol, you have to feel those feelings rather than numb them. Hypnotherapy can help you through this time, supporting you through processing those feelings that may have been buried for some time, facilitating a smoother transition.

This is a very important part of the process – the development of positive behaviours, habits and attitudes towards a life free from alcohol. This involves boosting confidence, levels of control, motivation, and resilience. It also involves supporting you to adjust your focus to all the positive things you are adding into your life, rather than that one thing that you are removing.

I have supported many clients to change their relationship with alcohol, with huge success. I have helped men, women, older and younger. Through the process of releasing any trauma, resolving anxious or depressive states, removing emotional triggers and removing limiting beliefs along with other techniques to turn down the dial on your desire for alcohol, and to reframe your perspective. When there is no longer a need for the coping mechanism, it just falls away.

Hypnotherapy, with its focus on individual empowerment and holistic healing, stands as a beacon of hope for many seeking to overcome their challenges with alcohol.


Katie Furneaux 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist


Published : Jan 15, 2024