Does Hypnotherapy Cure A Fear Of Spiders?

Written by Emma Evans

October 23, 2023

Can hypnotherapy cure a fear of spiders? 

It can certainly help you to overcome your fear, by using your own mind to change the physiological reactions and emotional responses to spiders when you see one. Especially if you live in a country that have non-poisonous varieties. But a good hypnotherapist can often reduce the fear of spiders for those living in places such as Australia etc.

In the hypnotherapy world, we are very clear about one thing; hypnosis cannot ‘cure’ anyone of anything. It’s not possible for us to cure illnesses or phobias, but we can allow the body-mind connection to diffuse reactions that happen, to make a therapy client feel much calmer and more confident in situations, or to turn down reactions in the body that may cause symptoms of illness. 

Some hypnotherapists will help to uncover the root cause of the phobia, while others help regulate the responses if you come into contact with one. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool when overcoming a fear or phobia.
Many people who have undergone hypnotherapy have reported a significant reduction in their fear of spiders, and some have even been able to overcome their phobia completely.

If you are considering using hypnosis to treat your spider phobia, it is important to find a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. You should also be aware that hypnosis may not be suitable for everyone, so it is important to talk to your doctor or a mental health professional before starting treatment.

If you’d like to find someone to help you overcome the fear of spiders, consider choosing one of The APHP therapists, most of which can help you with this phobia. 

Published : Oct 23, 2023