It’s important to capture the glimmers!

Written by Emma Evans

October 17, 2023

Glimmers happen every day, try to capture them when they come along! 

I wrote the other day about “Glimmers” on my Facebook business page which you can follow if you click this link Kent Therapy Clinic

If you didn’t see the post, I thought I’d outline when glimmers are, here, in this article. 

Glimmers are those little things that make life worthwhile. From the smell of new cut grass, to noticing dew on a spiders web. That moment in your day when you get to sit in silence and enjoy a cup of coffee, to the presentation at work that really went well! 

The point of catching glimmers is to be present in each moment of life. When we are present we are truly seeing life for how incredible and wonderful it is. 

Sometimes we fall into the habit of barely noticing. Barely the day started and it’s already 7pm! Barely arrived at Monday and it’s already Friday! And then the month is almost over….and Christmas is coming around again. 

Can you see how not capturing the moments can make life flitter away? Glimmers are little moments of light! 

So instead of letting life pass you by, smile at the things that feed you. The dog that does a little wiggle of happiness to see you, the baby laughing in the next garden along…notice rainbows, the smell of ozone by the ocean, the warmth of the jumper on cold winter days…learn to notice and appreciate each and every day, and by doing so, your life will be filled with possibilities, and time well spent. 

By doing so you’ll begin to live the best experiences, embrace the best friends, the best holidays and the best times with family. You’ll be living your best life if you stop to appreciate the glimmers. 

Emma Evans
Director APHP & NRPC

Kent Therapy Clinic



Published : Oct 17, 2023