Needle Phobia – Facilitating your way is my way.

August 23, 2023


Needles really are a part of all human life; we encounter them in a wide range of situations from  the manufacture of clothing to health – and what a wide range that is.  So, a phobia of needles can cover a wide range of situations, with plenty of other situations in-between that I have not mentioned.

From a young age I have been around needles myself. I learnt to embroider and do hand sewing, then progressed to sewing machining to make clothes.  I have also worked with needles all of my working life, alongside my therapy work, from injecting for vaccinations, to blood drawing as a phlebotomist at present day.

To have an out of proportion fear of needles is quite common in different degrees, when it comes to this fear people should not feel unique or alone and help is available. 

The build up, anticipation and the fear toward needles can be so overwhelming that it may take over all rational responses and language, sometimes even bodily functions. It may produce such reactions as fast breathing, sweating, shaking, dry mouth, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, rigidity and irrational verbal behaviour, and even fainting.

I understand all these reactions because I have experienced them too, and some other unique ones!  But sympathy is not going to assist you conquer your behaviour – BUT help and guidance may help to re-educate your mind and actions, as it did for me.

Being a therapist for a number of years has given me experience in many disciplines to utilise to help you, I use cognitive therapy and hypnotic methods to help clients achieve the  results they want.

Everyone responds in different ways, that’s being human.  Facilitating your way of feeling more relaxed and much calmer is my way to help you. 

Think about that, what is your way of thinking about needles now, how do you think about injections? 

How do you perceive the actual event?

And how do you think you are going to feel? 

Now, how do you actually feel when the event is over?  Yes, that sense of relief is amazing and perhaps you even feel a little silly for beating yourself up so much leading up to it.

If you did not fear it, would you make yourself suffer as much- the answer is no, of course not. 

Ask yourself if you would you intentionally push your fear on to others such as your offspring, of course you would not, but adults are role models for children so this could potentially also be a sad consequence if you do not conquer your own fear.           

I am living example of this.

If you would like help to overcome your needle phobia, get in touch! 

Kim Cruttenden

Published : Aug 23, 2023