Past Life Regression – Therapy or Hypnotic Excursion?

Past life regression

Written by Gavin Bowtell


August 2, 2023

Past Life Regression – Therapy or Hypnotic Excursion?

Past Life Regression is a load of rubbish. It’s a waste of time.  It encourages clients to ruminate on fantasies of the past rather than deal with real issues. It encourages the nonsense that is holding them in their current mess.

Well, that’s what I used to think.   When I was a baby hypnotherapist being trained by the late and much missed David Owen I closed half my mind to what he was teaching us about PLR as a therapy, but was canny enough to keep the other half attentive enough – even if not open – to be able to answer any questions that might come up later in an exam. Respecting my sniffy attitude I was never asked to participate as a subject in any PLR, but I observed a few with increasing interest.

During my career I have been asked over and over again for PLR for marital problems, for money issues, for phobias, weight loss, and all sorts of things. I refused them all.

But why?  Well, quite frankly I thought that clients should focus on finding here and now solutions for here and now problems. After all, if you are living with a partner who beats you, getting to a place of safety as soon as possible has to take precedence over finding out whether you are karmic partners.  And maybe, or probably very likely, I wasn’t sufficiently convinced of the idea of an afterlife to be able to appreciate the notion of a before-life, and therefore failed to see how this might work. Not taking part as a subject in past life regressions whilst in training held me back – I’m sure of it.  There’s a lesson here – take the opportunities that THIS LIFE throws at you (you might have set it up that way in a previous life!).

It is a great joy to say now that I was wrong then.
But I only gradually became aware of how wrong I was.
On the way to accepting the truth that PLR therapy is real I began by offering PLR as an experience, a way for your to  discover what might be therein your past, or at least to discover what your mind might create for you.  It wasn’t long of course before I realised that that this dabbling in Past Life excursions simply wasn’t on, it was at best ignoring the massive potential that PLR brings to the skilled therapist and willing client, and at worst it was leaving the job half done.
Of course, that doesn’t, and shouldn’t stop anyone choosing a past life regression “for the sake of it”, or “to see what happens”.  Bungee jumping and swimming with dolphins in themselves don’t get you anywhere, but they are great experiences nonetheless.   Past Life Regression can be a great experience, and can have lasting benefits.

If you have never undergone a past life regression before you might be surprised at how very real the experiences are – anyone who is interested can have a look here at some of the PLR’s I have conducted CLICK HERE. I have undergone several.   The most recent of which sits on my timeline just some years before my birth. After the regression I was astonished to find that some details of my ‘previous life’ could be corroborated.  This was a life lived in communist Russia, with the middle and end part being lived in what was then known as a “closed city” – a closed city that was not known outside of Russia until 1992.  Yet I had dates about the opening of new reactor, some of the layout of the city, and accurate descriptions of the architecture, and vivid recollections of neighbours, and my “home”.  This was actually an “excursion” but before even the wake-up call I recognised ‘qualities’, you might call them, in both incarnations, that I hadn’t accepted, and not accepting them, could not draw strength from.  But that changed.   So you see, experiencing a past life can help you to tap into the strengths of the person you were in the past.

In another hypnotic excursion into a past life with a lady who continually found herself in the firing line, she discovered a previous life as a civil rights activist who was gunned down.  She chose to experience her death in that life.  What she discovered was the reason why she was constantly in the firing line – it wasn’t that she was asking for trouble, it was that she had been surrounded all of her “this life”, as she has her past life, by people who took her hunger for justice and demands for respect as antisocial.  She discovered, perhaps because she had not experienced a death previously, that she was no longer afraid of death, nor much else become to that, and that whilst she needed respect in her life, others needed her to be strong.  Within a very short time difficult and dynamic changes we made to family life, job, and future security as she, in her own words “stepped into my power”.

Very recently a client regressed so far back that he was no longer in this universe, but was present in his regression as what might more accurately be described as the Deva of a planet in a universe long before our universe existed, and ours is estimated to be some 13.7 billions year old. Sometimes this happens – and there is simply no frame of reference that makes sense, and you have to find ways of drawing meaning from the apparently meaningless. As an excursion, this would have been a trip too far for me, but as a therapy the effect was profound.  The client who was falling into deleterious habits, and was itching for something, anything, to happen in a life that was feeling increasingly small and insignificant reported a month after that “I’ve never known peace life it.  My whole life, my whole outlook has changed.  I’m working better, but working less, I’m there for my kids now.  I was there before, but in the material way, but now I am there with them in the moment, in an emotional way.  In a spiritual way.  I’m so much closer to my family, so much more spiritual, going back to the things I loved as a child I’m loving life again as a man”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The transformation and healing that a PLR can bring, and that PLR makes possible if you have the skills are profound for the client and rewarding for the therapist.

Could an examination of your past, lay ahead in your future?


Published : Aug 2, 2023