Hypnotherapy Supervisor Training from APHP’s June Hale

Written by APHP

July 24, 2023

Progress Your Hypnotherapy Career

When you first join the APHP you will most likely have trained with an accredited training school, and you will join at LAPHP level. Providing you remain in supervised practice and complete the necessary CPD you will then be able to upgrade to MAPHP. After another 3 years you can become an accredited member – MAPHP (Acc.)

But what next? If you are already at that level, are you ready for a new challenge?

As an experienced hypnotherapist there are more ways of helping people than working with clients. If you have a niche you could share your knowledge with other therapists by writing a specialist course, or even a book. Or would you consider becoming a supervisor perhaps?

This is something that I personally find immensely rewarding and enjoyable. If this interests you and you are an accredited member with the APHP, then it’s something worth considering.

Supervisor Training Course

EICH Norfolk now offer an APHP Accredited Supervisor course which on completion, will allow to you apply to become an APHP Supervisor*.

This is an online course, delivered via Zoom, which was written and is taught by June Hale, a long-standing member, supervisor, and Fellow of the APHP. The course is delivered in 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each which is equivalent to a two-day course allowing for breaks. You can find all the details on our website here.

* You will need to attend the lessons live and successfully complete an assessment to be eligible to apply to become an APHP supervisor. 

Look forward to seeing you soon

June Hale

Supervision Course

EICH Norfolk Hypnotherapy Training


Published : Jul 24, 2023