National Coming Out Day

Written by Emma Evans

July 12, 2023

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
National Coming Out Day
National Coming Out Day was born out of a single march on 11th October 1987 where 500,000 people gathered to support Lesbian and Gay rights. Since this day, the event has been marked with a national awareness day.
Recognising this day got me thinking about the clients that we may work with from the LGBTQIA community and how it  is important that we gain understanding of their lived experiences.  Following on from the theme of my last blog around Black History Month, it’s extremely important to appreciate difference and diversity in the therapy room.
Coming out can be complicated for many people.  Being a heterosexual woman, I’ll be the first to admit that I cannot begin to understand what it feels like to be faced with the decision of whether to come out or not, but I would always encourage a client to welcome me into their world and allow me to hear their personal experiences.  Having friends who are from the LGBTQIA community, I have learnt that for some, it is a relief, like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, a way of celebrating their true self.  For others, it’s a huge risk with potentially harmful consequences. Some have said that unfortunately, coming out is not just something that they have to do just once.  In a society where many people still assume a heterosexual way of living, coming out can be a regular occurrence, with different reactions being experienced frequently.
Useful websites
Here are a few websites that may have some useful information if you wish to find out more about working with the LGBTQIA community.
I hope you find these links useful and that this blog, albeit a short one this time, brings more awareness of the difference and diversity we are faced with in our therapy rooms and highlights the importance of acknowledging the wonderful variety of clients that we will have the pleasure of working with.
Best wishes
Hayley McAuley
Published : Jul 12, 2023