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Modern Hypnosis

Theories of modern hypnosis

The ultimate goal oh Hypnosis is to help you grow out from your challenge, heal from your past pain, and move forward to that resourceful and empowered place you want to be in your life. 


The development of modern hypnosis has drown attention to the mystery of the mechanism of psychological healing and how many of its details still puzzle us. One of the first scientist to understand the scientific relevance of primitive healing,  was German anthropologist Adolf Bastian (1826–1905) During his field work in Guyana, Bastian happen one day to suffer from severe headache and fever and he asked the local medicine man to treat him with his usual method it is worthwhile to summarize the account of the experience;


Men have been impatient for immediate 'practical' results; and in their hands the promises  which hypnotism holds out have led to painful disappointments. The work Giulio does requires a special group of unusual qualities; he has resolutely resisted all distracting influences and found an effective adaptive method.  


​Hypnology ? It's a comprehensive method to remove harmful addictive habits, and psychological disorders or conditions that are considered addictive habits.  Depression can be addictive when precise conditions arise. 

Does Hypnosis Work ? Yes, with mentally functional individuals and through a carjng and well educated professional guidance.  

Putting together several modern definitions of hypnosis, we can come up with something like this: hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility in which the mind is totally centered on one idea to the exclusion of everything else, including sensory perceptions that are unwanted or distracting. 

Hypnotist, hypnotherapist, hypnologist? Different wording to define different specialties.


Once a brief moment of behaviour has passed , it can never be recaptured, and retrospective reconstruction of primary observation allow no opportunity to re-investigate them.


Our understanding of hypnotism has advanced, and this is due to such work as is reported in Milton Erickson dedicated research. Neuro dynamic hypnosis and psychobiology represents the best of the past, on which the greater precision of the future will build a new science. Giulio Bianco. 

Posted: Wednesday 4th September 2019

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